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Three Phases of the Beast Power In History

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Three Phases Of The Beast Power In History

Daniel 7 The Key

1. First Phase of the Papal power "Was" 538 A.D. - 1798 A.D. decreed rule and decreed death.

2. Second Phase of the Papal power "Is not" - seven kings, 1798 to the seventh papal name.

      1: Pius   2: Leo   3: Gregory   4: Benedict   5: John   6: Paul   7: John Paul

3. Third Phase of the Papal power "Yet is" under the eighth Papal name since 1798

538 A.D. to 1798 A.D. - First Phase "Was"

Daniel in Daniel 7 called fourth beast the terrible beast with 10 horns, the angel told Daniel this was the fourth kingdom from Babylon to rule the earth.  Rome the fourth world kingdom is what the angel is talking about here.  When Rome fell, it broke into 10 divisions.  Daniel sees three of the ten horns uprooted by the little horn power in Daniel 7, so we must look for something to uproot three of the ten divisions.  Three of the ten divisions on the Roman Empire were Arian in Belief.  Arianism is a heresy that denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ.  The Arians refused to submit to the authority of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope.) 

These three Arian kingdoms or divisions were the 1: Vandals   2: Heruli   3: Ostrogoths.   The last of these three, the Ostrogoths disappear when Emperor Justinian’s general Belisarius captured Rome in 538 A.D.  Thus, the defeat in 538 A.D. of the Ostrogoths completed the uprooting of the last of the three horns.  This begins the time of the little horn that uproots the three horns in Daniel 7.  The little horn power that Daniel 7:11 calls a beast, continues for 1260 prophetic years.  The little horn makes war on God's people.  538 A.D. is the marker in Daniel 7 for the Roman Catholic Church or the Papacy to begin its 1260 prophetic years given it by God.  Although the Papacy was in Rome before 538 A.D, Daniel marks the beginning of the 1260 prophetic time when the little horn uproots the three horns.  In Daniel 7 the little horn power continues to survive and is in power at the end of time when Christ returns to destroy it. The prophecy in Daniel gives the little horn 1260 prophetic years of time, so 538 A.D.   +   1260  years = 1798 A.D.  When Napoleon set out to conquer Europe, he was running out of war money, in 1798 Napoleon sent his general Berthier into Rome capturing Pius VI and helping himself to the Gold in Rome.  Napoleon issued a decree that the Papacy was dead and no further Papal elections would occur.  Pius VI died in France.   Therefore, we see that 538 A.D. - 1798 A.D. is the 1260 prophetic years allotted the Papacy by God in the Papacy’s first phase.

Second Phase "Is not"

Called the "Is not" Phase, loss of Political power as previous to 1798, and ascending Rev. 17:8

Seven kings: 1: Pius   2: Leo   3: Gregory   4: Benedict   5: John   6: Paul   7: John Paul

By adding all the Popes in history starting with the first name Pius, we begin the count with Pius I elected AD 140 just a few years after John wrote Revelation.  By using these seven Papal names we get a count of 665 as of the seventh Papal name since 1798 John Paul II.  Notice the count involves the total history of Pagan and Papal Rome, since Popes came into to office early in the Christian era. This count shows divine design.  Only God could have picked out seven names' to bring this count to 665.

Third Phase "Yet is"

"Yet is" Rev. 17:8, 11 under the eighth papal name since 1798. This person is John Paul II replacement.  Ten kings unite with the beast to make war.  Please note: The scarlet colored beast is Papal. The rules from Daniel state horns on a beast belong to the beast represented.  The beast is Papal.  These ten horns or ten kings' on this Papal beast are outgrowths of the Papacy yet are future to us.  The angel told John they had not formed yet at the time of the vision.  Also note: The Mother whore has children who are harlots.  Harlots are children of the mother whore.  Only Protestants have come from the Papacy, Protestants are children of the mother. Here we see Protestantism changed and in Apostasy, just as her Mother.

Protestants and Catholic's are identified here in this chapter as in Apostasy.  The ten horns on the Papal beast give their authority to the Papal power.  Here we see Protestantism joining the Papal power to make war on God's people.

What you say? That is Impossible! Look at the prophecy!

During the third phase, Rev. 13:11 the earth beast enforces worship of sea beast.  No man can buy or sell and death Rev. 13:16 save he that takes the mark of the sea beast. This is a prediction of a worldwide church and state system, with enforced worship by the Earth beast, telling the whole world to worship the image (copy) to the sea beast.

What great world event precipitates these changes?

Watch as the scroll unrolls!

We are very close as John Paul II's time is almost over.

These changes come under the eighth Papal name since 1798.