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Seven Kings of Revelation 17

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Seven kings of Revelation 17

The Papal power is a Monarchy. There are 265 individual Popes using one of the 79 Papal Monarchy names.

The seven Papal Monarchy names used by the various Popes, since 1798 are:

  • Pius
  • Leo
  • Gregory
  • Benedict
  • John
  • Paul
  • John Paul

Revelation 17:10  And there are seven kings; (seven Monarchy names) five are fallen (Fallen means these Monarchy names are never used again).  This occurs because John is looking back from the time perspective of the "one is " (who is Pope Paul VI,) and previous to that time, the following Papal names had already fallen:

1. Pius   2. Leo  3. Gregory  4. Benedict   5. John

6.  Paul - the "One Is" (one Monarchy name used, Paul)

(John in the vision is seeing the time of or the perspective of the sixth Monarchy name. Pope Paul VI, who begins the ecumenical movement to reunite Protestants, thus beginning the ascension out of the abyss of the beast.)

7.  John Paul.  And the other is not yet come;   (The seventh Monarchy name was new never used before; this introduced a new papal Monarchy name as the seventh name since 1798.  The seventh Monarchy name is John Paul) and when he cometh he must continue a short space.   The total years reign of the name John Paul is the shortest on record with John Paul I = 2 months (barely) and John Paul II = 25 years (as of May 2004).  This totals 25 plus years.   The next shortest reigning Papal name is Paul with 67 years.

The total number of years each of the seven Papal names reigned.

And the beast that was, (persecuting phase during which God allots the Papal power 538-1798, or 1260 years) and is not, John seeing the vision during the "is not" phase of seven kings or Papal name's. Even he is the eighth (the eighth Papal Monarchy name since 1798), and is of the seven (following the sequence of the seven meaning the eighth follows after the seventh Monarchy name John Paul), and goeth into perdition. (The eighth Papal Monarchy name Jesus' destroys at His second coming.)

There are two persecuting phase's of the Papal power.

1. "Was" 538-1798

2. "Yet is"  the eigth Papal name since 1798 becomes a persecuting power and a revived church and state system.  Revelation 13 describes the deception of the world by the miracles that the religious leaders in this church state system do at this time. This church and state system develops under the eighth Papal name since 1798.