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Dreadful Beast

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Exceedingly Dreadful Beast

(Daniel 7:19)

Daniel 7:7  The first mention of a metal in this vision, the iron teeth of the fourth beast, certainly ties this power to the empire represented by the LEGS of the great image of Daniel 2.  This beast had such a ferocious and terrible character that no beast in nature could represent it.  Daniel described it as being "strong exceedingly" and diverse, or different, from the three preceeding beasts.  This beast had TEN HORNS. These, the angel declared, represented ten kings or kingdoms that would arise out of the the fourth beast (compare verse 20 and 24).

Daniel 7:8  In the prophecy recorded in chapter 7 Daniel pictured the fourth kingdom, or Rome, as having two distinct phases.  The nondescript beast symbolizes the fourth kingdom in its first phase as a mighty power that would come to dominate the then-known world after the Greek Empire.  Historians have commonly termed this first phase as PAGAN ROME. The second  phase is symbolized in chapter 7 by a "LITTLE HORN" growing out of the head of the fourth beast.  The little horn is a new feature in this vision.  The LITTLE HORN uproots three of the horns, namely Ostrogoths, Vandals, and Uruli. 

Daniel sees the LITTLE HORN persecute Gods people for 1260 years, and continues until God convenes the Heavenly Judgement in the courts of Heaven. Daniel 7:21  In 538 AD Justinian declared the Pope "ruler of  Europe."   From 538 AD to 1798 AD is 1260 years. In 1798 Napoleon marchd into Rome, captured the pope and temporarily ended the rule. The little horn power is seen at the time the saints possess the kingdom. Daniel 7:21  So the little horn power starts during the time of Rome, and is still seen in power at the time of Christs coming.

Daniel 7: 9-14, 26-28  After Daniel saw human organizations struggle to grasp political and religious dominion on earth, the scene shiftd to heaven.  In the midst of the career of the little horn Daniel saw the heavenly court convene.  The second new feature in the vision of chapter 7 pertains to the scene of final judgement in heaven.  At  some point of time after AD 1798 (the close of the 1260 year period referred to in verse 25) the great court would sit, and investigation would be made in the affairs of earth.  The key word in chapter 7 is DOMINION.  Daniel 7:6,12,14,26,27)  Who will have the DOMINION of this world?  Political and religious forces struggle to exercise authority, often trampling upon the rights of earth's inhabitants and coercing the consciences of those who fear God.  But God has not abdicated His sovereignty over creation.  The dominion of the oppressors will be taken away (Daniel 7:12,26)  God's people will be approved, the jewels of His kingdom made up (Daniel 7:27).  Judgment will be rendered in their favor (Daniel 7:22). Daniel saw God the Father, described as "the ancient of days" surrounded by myriads of holy angels, sitting on a fiery throne.  "The books were opened" the judgement was set" Daniel 7:26.  Then the attention of the prophet was drawn to "one like the Son of Man" coming with the clouds of heaven   This distinguished person, who was presented before the Eternal judge, to be awarded rightful authority over the earth and an eternal kingdom is none other than Jesus Christ.  He is earth's righteous ruler, and His followers are earth's rightful inhabitants.  "His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away Daniel 7:14.