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View of all Beasts of Revelation 13

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View of All Beasts of Revelation 13

General Interpretation Principles - Miller Principle, Characteristics Principle - For more information see the Prophetic Rules of interpretation in the Main Menu.

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Note: Time moves forward left to right
Earthbeast - explained in Revelation 13
Talking Horn and 7 Remaining Horns on Head of Dreadful Beast
of Daniel 7 Continue Until Second Coming of Jesus

Time of the body
538 AD to 1798 AD
Time of the heads
from 1798 through the 7th king
Time of the 10 horns or kings during the time of the 8th king

Image Beast - explained in Rev 13
Body of sea beast explained in Revelation 13 - but, virtually no explanation of the heads and horns.  You will find the detailed explanation of the heads and horns only in Revelation 17 to complete the story.
The sea beast of Revelation 13, which has the feet of a bear, the mouth of a lion, and the body of a leopard with 7 heads and 10 horns, is here shown quite out of proportion, but it is done this way to illustrate that the body of this beast represents the time period from 538 AD to 1798 AD, the heads represent the time from 1798 AD to the end of the time of the heads, and then the time for the 10 horns or 10 kings is to occur after that.  The fact that this is so is made clear by 3 things, which are

(1) the interpretation of who this beast represents,
(2) the facts of history, and
(3) the Miller Principle which says that the body represents one time period for the power symbolized, the heads represent the next time period, and finally the horns represent the final time period for this power.

The talking horn of Daniel 7 is here symbolized by the leopard beast (also called the sea beast).  They both represent exactly the same thing.  It can be identified as being the same power because

(1) it matches the time period it would have power (1260 days which are symbolic of 1260 years),
(2) it arises out of the same power (Rome),
(3) it commits blasphemy against God (which is defined as taking the place of or power of God - see Mark 2:1-12), and
(4) it persecuted those who attempted to worship God the way God says we are to worship him.

Click here for more details of why the talking horn and the leopard beast are one and the same.

The rules of interpretation laid down in Daniel 7 and 8 clearly play a large part in creating a proper understanding of the sea beast an the scarlet beast of Revelation 17.  Many interpreters seem to think that these beasts are to be interpreted separately from those of Daniel, but this is a misconception.  God designed the visions given to both Daniel and John and it is logical that he would create one set of rules of interpretation to be used in both books wherever common symbols occur in both books (that is, beasts with heads and horns to represent powers).  Since God gives us the example of how to interpret these beasts through Daniel and the experience of history, we should use the same rules for interpreting these same types of beasts in Revelation.  To do otherwise is to void the planning that God obviously put into these visions. 

Another reason the same rules must apply is that the talking horn of Daniel 7 and the leopard beast of Revelation 13 are the same identical power.  The rules apply to the dreadful beast (4th beast) of Daniel 7, so if one simply expands on the talking horn as is done in Revelation 13 with the leopard beast, the same rules should still apply because the leopard beast is the same power as the talking horn.  Because the rules apply to the talking horn and the talking horn and the leopard beast are synonymous, the same rules must apply to the leopard beast.  Hence, the rules are NOT different in Revelation for the prophetic beasts than they are in Daniel.

Notice that the earth beast with 2 horns like a lamb (here the bison is used to represent this beast) occurs during the "is not" phase of the sea beast (see 3 phases of the beast) and continues into the time of the horns.  This beast in turn creates the image beast which occurs during the 3rd or "yet is" phase of the sea beast (which here we call the time of the horns).  It is during the time of the horns that the 8th king occurs.  Also, during the time of the horns, the end of the world occurs when Jesus comes again to claim those who have served him instead of Satan.  After this, there is no more earth history for a thousand years because all life but that of the wild animals and the evil angels will remain alive on this world. 

Something that has been commonly missed about the story of the sea beast in Revelation13 is that the story is incomplete.  In Daniel 7, you get an explanation of the horns on the dreadful beast.  You also get an explanation of the 4 heads of the leopard through the explanation of the 4 horns of the goat in Daniel 8.  In Revelation 13, you get an explanation of the body of the sea beast but no real explanation of the heads and horns.  So, you cannot use Revelation 13 to identify the heads and horns of the leopard or sea beast of Revelation 13.  The only complete explanation of heads and horns is in Revelation 17, so it is logical that Revelation 17 MUST complete the story for the heads and horns of Revelation 13.  Working backwards using the Miller Principle, one can know that the body of each of these beasts (sea beast of Revelation 13 and scarlet beast of Revelation 17) represents the same power.  If you doubt that, consider that the heads and horns are always a splitup of the prior kingdom.  If the heads and horns are identical, then the bodies must also be identical because they are a product of a splitup of a prior kingdom, unless an exception is stated (which does occur for the dragon of Revelation 12, but that is a more complicated issue, so see the section on Revelation 17 for more information and are the heads and horns of the dragon the same as those of the leopard and scarlet beasts?)  Since no exception is stated for the scarlet beast of Revelation 17, the bodies of the two beasts must represent the same powers.

Another way to restate the previous paragraph is this: While the appearance of the scarlet beast is different than the leopard (sea beast) of Revelation 13, it is nonetheless true that the two beasts share common characteristics that identify them as representing the same power (see the section on the scarlet beast of Revelation 17 for more information on this).  Now, if the body of each of these beasts represents the same power, then by application of the Miller Principle, the heads and horns of both beasts must represent the same power.  Therefore, for this and several other reasons, the sea beast of Revelation 13 and the scarlet beast of Revelation 17 are one and the same, but look different in order to point out different characteristics of the same power.

In the last few verses of Revelation 13 is the information about the mark of the beast.  While we cannot say exactly what form this mark will take because we are not told, it is clear that it is some sort of identifier to indicate who is loyal to the beast and who is not.  Given today's technology, it seems unlikely to be an actual physical mark and is more likely done through some sort of technical means, though it is possible it involves biometrics, which is use of physical characteristics such as an iris scan or fingerprints.  The mark on the forehead might suggest that this is an agreeable thing to those who receive it there because thinking takes place in the brain, which is certainly behind the forehead.  The mark on the hand would suggest that for these individuals it is not agreeable and they are forced to comply.  Please note that NOBODY in this world has yet received the mark of the beast as this is still in the future, but someday it will be a mark to avoid because of the serious consequences for receiving it (warning against this is given in Revelation chapter 14).  The last verse in chapter 13 then gives the number 666 as an indicator of who the beast is.  Please go to the Main Menu at the top of this page and click on 666 Number History for information on the history of the number 666.

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8th king makes war against God's people
"Yet is" time of beast - Rev 17:8
Beast makes war on God's people
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