"He Who Does Not Remember History Is Condemned To Repeat It"     -     Georges Santayana
"Power tends to Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"     -     Lord Acton
"Liberty Is The Only Thing You Cannot Have Unless You Are Willing To Give It To Others"     -     William Allen White

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Links, Books Or Other Materials

The purpose of this page is to give you links to good quality web sites that may have value.  We have also include links to DVDs, CDs and some books that you can purchase elsewhere that are of value. We hope they prove useful to you.  For the web sites, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse the contents of everything on these other web sites, but do feel that at least some of the contents of these web sites have value sufficient to warrant mention of the sites here.  You may not agree with everything on their web sites either, but find what is of value, use it, and ignore anything not useful.  Oh, and please let us know if any of these web sites become inoperable due to a message such as "Web Page Not Found", or something worse.  Thanks.  - 666man.net authors.



Bible Study Guides and Other Helpful Tools


Creation Science


Unclassified Items

Seven Churches of Revelation Photos

Walter Veith Links



http://www.biblearchaeology.org/ - Associates for Biblical Research. This site is involved in Biblical archeology research and strives to keep the readers informed about issues related to this topic. It is an excellent site.

http://www.christiananswers.net/archaeology/ - Excellent site with lots of resources and answers to common questions. This page focuses on archeology.

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Bible Study Guides and Other Helpful Tools:


http://vop.com/ - This site has free Bible study lessons.  The Focus Series is probably the easiest to use. Click on "Bible study".

http://www.digging4truth.org/ - This site has free Bible study by topics in a question-answer format.  Very complete with lots of other information.

http://www.Discoveronline.org - Free Bible Study Guides.  Sign up now!  If you have ever wanted a structured guide to studying the bible, here is your chance.

http://www.amazingfacts.org/school/af_logon.asp - Amazing Facts Free Online Bible Study Guides.  Register to track your progress and get a free certificate when finished.

http://www.bibleinfo.com - Click on the button at the top of their page called "Bible Topics" and it will take you to a page that has information on a large variety of topics of interest to Christians.

http://www.e-sword.net/ - This is probably the best free bible software on the net.  I would suggest a visit and download from this site.  The owner of the site does have expenses that have to be covered, so if you can, I am sure a donation would be much appreciated.  This software is better than some software you will pay money for at a software store. 

http://www.lnfbooks.com/ - This site is designed for Seventh-day Adventists. This site is owned by a company that publishes out of print books written by and for Seventh-day Adventsts. If you are looking for an out of print Seventh-day Adventists oriented book, this is the place to go.

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Every Person should read these books:

  • Ecclesiastical Megalomania, The Economic and Political Thought of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Papal Sin, Structerus of Deceit
  1. Ecclesiastical Megalomania, The Economic and Political Thought of the Roman Catholic Church, The Trinity Foundation, 1999, ISBN: 0-940931-78-8 (hardback), 0-940931-52-4 (paperback), John W. Robbins, Ph.D., Amason.com link (more expensive) , Amazing Facts.org link (much less expensive) - The author demonstrates through official pronouncements of the Roman Catholic Church that it has been opposed to constitutional government, political and economic freedom and the private property order for centuries.  Also, its political and economic thought gave rise to feudalism, the corporate state, liberation theology, the welfare state, and fascism.  If you want to preserve freedom, read this book.  You must be informed of Rome's plans for the world and how following its plans will lead to your loss of freedom.

  2. Papal Sin, Structures of Deceit, Image Books, Doubleday, New York City, NY, USA, 2000, Garry Wills (a Catholic, so this is an insider's view), ISBN: 0-385-49411-4, available on Amazon.com - If you want to know how the Roman popes and governing hierarchy think and act, especially behind the scenes, read this book.  It is a real eye-opener.  The book also reveals show the church has ignored clear Biblical teachings for centuries and some of the reasons it has done the same in more recent times.

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Creation Science

http://www.creationists.org/foreknowledge.html - The information on this web site is rather interesting.  There are some things that the Bible says are true about our physical world that have been found to be right.  This particular web page has a couple of errors on it, but is still worth a visit.

http://www.go2rpi.com/E-MailSpecials/IllustraMedia3-DVDSet.htm - Three DVDs with information about creation science.

The Genesis Conflict Series (8 DVD Set) : Walter Veith

Evidences:  The Record And The Flood

Evidences II:  The Tale of a Trilobite

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life

The Privileged Planet

The Case For A Creator

The Young Age Of The Earth

Fingerprints Of Creation

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I, II, III

Life's Story - The One That Hasn't Been Told

Life's Story 2 - The Reason For The Journey

Can The Blind Watchmaker Account For This?

Reasonable Doubt:  Evolution Verses Modern Microbiology

God Of Wonders

In The Beginning Was Information



http://faith.mockvw.com/ - This web site has many old history books in its history section.  This is a large body of accumulated works that has taken some years of effort by the web site owner to compile together for you to read. Its very much worth your time to take a look at it. 

http://www.popes-and-papacy.com/popes_and_the_papacy/papal_statistics/ - This web page focuses primarily on information relating to Papal names and statistics related to popes and their names. It is useful and interesting.

http://www.ccel.org - Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  This web page has access to many classic works of a Christian nature, including history.  Excellent site.

http://www.barnsdle.demon.co.uk/hist/hist.html - This site has links for modern and ancient history information.  Good site.

http://www.cwo.com/~pentrack/catholic/chron.html - Chronology of Christianity.  This timeline has many events of Christian history.

http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/ch24.htm - This is Part of The Ancient World web page (also called Antiquity Online).This particular chapter deals with the history of Constantine.

http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/index.html - The index page for The Ancient World web site (also called Antiquity Online), which is the source of the chapter on Constantine.  Good quality web site.

http://www.classicsunveiled.com/romeh/html/rulers.html - Chronological List of Roman Emperors.

http://www.roman-empire.net/ - Roman empire information.  A great deal of compiled information about the Roman empire is available at this site.  Very well done.

http://www.scaruffi.com/politics/neareast.html - Timeline of the Ancient Near East

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http://www.janita.info/section4.htm - This web site has many quotable quotes and practical Christian philosophy.  You may enjoy it and find it useful.

http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/charlot1.htm - The testimony of Charlotte Wells, a former Catholic Nun.  Note that not all nuns will have the same experience.  This is her personal view of her experience.

http://www.whatsaiththescripture.com/WStS.Stories.html - Excellent list of Christian stories, some from history, some more recent, some classics.

http://www.whatsaiththescripture.com/Text.Only/index.html - The web site mentioned above also has a text only list of a number of books, some of which may be of interest to the reader.  Follow their instructions to properly download and unpack each book.  Scroll down to see the list of books available.

http://www.christiananswers.net/archaeology/home.html - Excellent site with lots of resources and answers to common questions. This page focuses on archeology.

http://www.lnfbooks.com/ - For Seventh-day Adventists, this company sells "lost and found" old SDA books. They have a listing of over 200,000 SDA books available.They only deal with Adventist books (mostly out-of-print copies) and are a division of TEACH Services, Inc. (member of ASI for 15 years +) and publish 4 to 8 Adventist titles each month.

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Seven Churches of Revelation

Pergamum Photos:

http://www.geocities.com/snufflesyoung/bvo/perg.htm - Photos of the Pergamum Museum.  Very good.

http://www.bib-arch.org/e-features/pergamon.asp - Several photos of the actual city of Pergamum.


http://www.galenfrysinger.com/pergamum_turkey.htm - A number of good photos of Pergamum (Troy photos below those of Pergamum).



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Ephesus Photos


http://www.galenfrysinger.com/ephesus_turkey.htm (good photos of ancient Ephesus structures)


Sardis Photos



Smyrna (modern day Izmir) Photos


http://www.hlswilliwaw.com/IzmirSlideShow/Turkey_Izmir/index.html - includes a number of photos of ancient buildings and structures along with some photos of modern-day Izmir.


Thyratira Photos

http://www.meandertravel.com/biblicalanatolia/biblical_anatolia.php? details=thyatirapictures&m=2&md=sc2 - Pictures of remains of ancient Thyratira inside the modern city of Akhisar, Turkey.


Laodicea (Laodikya) Photos

http://www.johnsnotes.com/2009TurkeyTrip-5-Transfer.htm - Some information and a few photos of ancient Laodicean structures.

http://blog.beliefnet.com/bibleandculture/2009/06/laodicea---on-a-not-so-luke-warm-day.html - Excellent photos!



Philadelphia (Alashehir) Photos


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Walter Veith Links (Evolutionist Turned Creationist)

http://rekindlingreformation.com/  (Excellent short Article on the people the Beast killed)

Rekindling The Reformation (11 DVD Set)

Total Onslaught (Complete 36 DVD Set)

Total Onslaught - Final Conflict Series (5 DVDs)

Total Onslaught - Mini Series (10 DVD Set)

The Genesis Conflict

Life At Its Best (5 DVD Set)

From Evolutionist to Creationist (DVD)

Dr. Walter Veith's personal life story from an atheistic evolutionist to a creationist.Professor Veith is an internationally renowned speaker and author who received training as a Zoologist and Comparative Physiologist at the mainstream University of Cape Town in South Africa.As former evolutionist, and having taught evolution for many years, Professor Veith's life changing testimony is an amazing witness that touches hearts and minds as he candidly shares his story of God's leading. (90min)

Charisma of the Spirit (DVD)

Modern movings of the Spirit - genuine or spurious? Are speaking in tongues and slaying the Spirit movements from God or from another source? What does the Bible teach? Time: 90 min

Diet And Health, 2nd Edition (Book)

What causes degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and more? What causes obesity and how can I lose weight safely? Is it healthy to be vegetarian? How can I achieve well-balanced meals? How much protein is enough? How can I get enough protein on a vegetarian diet? What impact do food additives have on our health?

These and many other questions are discussed. This book extensively reviews the latest scientific findings, published in peer review journals, on the impact of diet on human health, and is written to benefit both the scientist and the layman. The book is unique in that it not only clearly describes the cause of disease, but also supplies information on how to implement a viable alternative lifestyle. The book concludes with a special recipe section containing tasty but healthy dishes.

Truth Matters, 2nd Edition (Book)

UPDATED & REVISED -An authoritative book on the full message of the Adventist Church. A clear and thorough presentation of the issues of Biblical prophecy, the end time, the second coming, the three angels' messages, life after death, the new age movement, the sanctuary message, political and ecumenical movements pertinent to our day, and much more. Complete with graphs, illustrations and photos. Over 530 pages.

The Genesis Conflict, 2nd Edition (Book)

In this book, Professor Veith discusses the biblical perspective of the creation account and proceeds to provide evidence in support of the veracity of the Bible regarding its claims. The evolutionary and creationist paradigm are contrasted and alternative explanations for the origin of life, the geological column and the palaeontological record are presented with full color illustrations. Moreover, we are taken on a trip to ancient archaeological sites which speak to the trustworthiness of the Bible. Enjoy the clear and logical presentation of these popular and vital issues. In a time of compromise this book is a must-have for every serious Christian. An excellent resource for those seeking evidence for creation.

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