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Daniel 7 Leopard Compared To the Sea Beast (Leopard) of Revelation 13

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Leopard Beast of Daniel 7 with 4 heads, and 4 wings upon its back.
For the Leopard Beast of Daniel 7:

Question: 1.  What power does the body represent? 

Question: 2.  What powers do the heads represent?

Answers below these pictures!
Leopard (or also called Sea Beast) of Revelation 13, with 7 heads, 10 horns, feet of a bear, mouth of a lion, and 10 crowns upon the horns.
For the leopard beast of Revelation 13:

Question 3.  What power does the body represent?

Question 4.  Now, in light of the answers to the questions about the leopard beast of Daniel 7, what do those heads represent?



















Answers to questions above:
1.  Greek kingdom of Alexander the Great
2.  Greek kingdoms after Alexander the Great
3.  The Papacy from 538 AD to 1798 AD
4.  The papacy after 1798 (devoid of the power it had before 1798)

The 7 headed leopard with 10 horns and crowns upon its horns (from Revelation 13, aka sea beast), feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion, looks a lot like the 4 headed leopard of Daniel 7.  Notice that one interpretation of heads is that they are kings, or leaders of empires, so one could say that as the heads on the 4 headed leopard were the leaders of the Greek Empire (the 4 parts that succeeded Alexander the Great), so also the 7 heads of the 7 headed leopard are leaders of the leopard beast of Revelation 13 occurring after 1798 (God designates that there are 7 divisions - by name as near as we can determine).  This should tell you that since the 7 headed leopard beast is the papacy, the heads of the papacy must be the popes that succeeded the Papacy after 1798. 

One can think of it like this.  If the 4 heads on the leopard beast of Daniel 7 represent the 4 kingdoms or generals who succeeded Alexander the Great after he died, then with the body of the leopard beast of Daniel 7 being the papacy before 1798, who would the heads be?  Obviously, the popes after 1798 who succeeded the beast!

Another way to understand this is that one could say that since the body of the sea beast primarily represents a religious power, then by the Similarity Principle the heads must also be religious in nature.

Simply put, if the body and heads on the 4 headed leopard are Greek kingdoms and the body of the 7 headed leopard of Revelation 13 is the Papacy, what else could the heads on the 7 headed leopard be but the Papacy?  The rules are the same in both books for similar symbols.  There is NOTHING saying the rules have changed.  Those animals in Daniel look a lot like those in Revelation 12, 13, and 17!

Do consider that those heads on the leopard beast in Daniel 7 represented simultaneously existing kingdoms.  They did NOT represent 4 kinghat occurred in sequence, one after another.  That being the case, why should it be that the heads of the leopard beast in Revelation 13 are considered by many authorities to be sequential kingdoms?  Likewise, why should the 7 heads of the scarlet beast in Revelation 17 be considered sequential kingdoms?  Should they be considered to be 7 simultaneously existing kingdoms?  Something to seriously think about!

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