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Ten Horns Identity - Who Are They?

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What about the 10 horns?
Who are they?

Revelation 17 declares that the woman is a prostitute, a whore, or a harlot, and she is the mother of harlots as well. Now, it is logical that the woman is a prostitute since she fornicates with the kings of the earth (nations of the world). However, the daughters are another question. Since the woman is a religious power, it is logical that the daughters are also religious powers. When it calls them prostitutes as well, what is the Bible telling us?

Logically, what it is telling us is that the daughters also prostitute themselves to the kings of the earth, and commit fornication with them. So, where do we see them symbolized? It would appear that the daughters are the 10 horns! This must be so because the 10 horns come out of the heads, which we know, are a religious power, and yet they have changed sufficiently that they are no longer the same as the original beast, for Revelation 17:12-14 tells us that they give their power and authority to the beast. It would be illogical (and impossible) for the beast to give power to itself when it returns, so the 10 horns absolutely must have changed so that they are no longer the same as the original beast. They have come from the original beast but have become different.

Since the heads are the papal lines occurring after 1798, the 10 horns must come after them. Because the 10 horns come out of Catholicism and yet are not the same, the only thing they can be is the Protestant Religions, all of which trace their origins back to Catholicism. Of a certainty, these 10 horns cannot be Islamic, Hindu, Shinto, or other such religions, for only Protestantism traces its direct origins back to Catholicism. Therefore, it is logical that the 10 horns represent Protestant Religions that will eventually apostatize, and like their "mother," will commit fornication with the kings of the earth and at that point, become the 10 horns seen on the beasts of Revelation 12, 13, and 17. Sometime after they become the 10 horns, the authority they gain through an illicit partnership with the state will be given to the beast, who in turn gains control over the 10 horns as a result of this choice on their part.