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Copyright Information

The authors, Ron Johnston of Silver City, New Mexico, USA, and W. Slattery of California, USA, copyright all the information on these web pages and reserve all rights, with the following exceptions:

1. Someone else owns the page, which the authors copied legally from other web sites and therefore the rights to them. You will likely obtain permission from these sites if you ask them or if they give blanket copy permission.

2. The artwork in the form of the animals from the symbols in Daniel and Revelation are creations from materials whose original authors own the copyrights.  We cannot grant you a right we do not have.  In the future, we are hoping to have our own animals using our own materials and this will no longer be a problem.  Until then, please do not place these animals on your own web sites.  We will try to have this problem fixed as soon as possible and make them freely available.  At that time, we will change this notice so you know when you may freely use the animals on your own web page or for other uses.

3. There are some other materials, particularly the maps, for which we do not own a copyright.  However, we do not place maps on our site unless they are clearly in the public domain.  If we have made any mistakes regarding this, please notify us.  Public domain items cannot have a copyright that is in force anymore, which are those items copyrighted before 1948.  Nevertheless, they are not our own original materials, so we have tried to credit the original source

We encourage you to freely copy and distribute everything else to spread the information we have here as long as you do not sell the information.  If you have material or distribution costs, such as paper, ink, toner, mailing costs, or CDs, we do not mind if you charge to recover these costs, but we do not want you to use these materials for making a profit, so please do not charge more than your materials or distribution costs.  You may also freely distribute copies of the CD audio file from this web site, charging, if you wish, only for materials or distribution costs.

Printed copies must show the link to our home web page.  If you wish to place copies on your own web site, please place a link back to our home web page and indicate that this was the original source.  In addition, whatever pages you copy, please copy the information in its entirety onto your web page, except for copyrighted materials in the exceptions noted above - please do not copy those.  Please do not copy half a page as it may leave the reader without a full knowledge of the information presented on that page. 

Any copyrighted quotations not having a statement of permission for use from the copyright owner, this site uses in accordance with section 107 of U.S. copyright law, which by law can be without the consent or endorsement of the copyright holder.  This permits limited quotes (500 words or less) without permission of the author for the purpose of non-commercial commentary or criticism of a scholarly nature.  If the reader finds anything to the contrary, please note that it is unintentional and the authors would appreciate notification of any such accidental law violations so that we may be remove or seek permission as needed.

If copying presents a problem because of the presence of copyrighted materials on a particular page that you wish to share with someone, please give that person the web address so they can come directly to the site and read it with the copyrighted materials included.  That way they will not miss anything.

If you need any other permission for additional uses, please ask.  Thanks.