"He Who Does Not Remember History Is Condemned To Repeat It"     -     Georges Santayana
"Power tends to Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"     -     Lord Acton
"Liberty Is The Only Thing You Cannot Have Unless You Are Willing To Give It To Others"     -     William Allen White

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The Revelation 17 video


Understanding the meaning of the Old Testament Sanctuary - Watch videos of short lectures explaining the Old Testament Sanctuary. These videos show a full size model of the Old Testament Sanctuary so that you can better understand its purpose and function. The purpose of the Old Testament Sanctuary was to provide a graphic picture of the entire plan of salvation for man, so if you want to understand God's plan, you will want to see these videos.


If you would like to view the Amazing Facts Great Controversy video about end of the world events, Click Here: Modem - ISDN - High speed. If you would like a much higher quality copy of the Great Controversy video, please call Amazing Facts and order one (minimal cost involved) at 1-916-434-3880, which is in California in the United States. For those of you not familiar with the term "Great Controversy", this refers to the controversy between good and evil, between Christ and Satan over who will rule this universe. The evil going on in this world is a microcosm of the universe wide debate going on about this very issue, which God is trying to solve through the plan of salvation for mankind. You will not want to miss this video presentation.

Sam Bacchiocchi, Ph.D., has very kindly granted us permission to stream his seminars about how the Sabbath was changed to Sunday. He studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (the first non-Catholic to be admitted to that university in more than 450 years of its history), where he was given access to documents from very early in church history that enabled him to elucidate how and why the change of the Sabbath day actually began. He is probably the top world authority on the history of how this change actually took place.

To order high quality DVD copies of Dr. Bacchiocchi's Sabbath Seminars, which will be much better quality than the compressed version we offer here, go to Sam Bacchiocchi's web site and click on "Bookstore" at the top.

Video 1 Samuel's search for the Sabbath at the Vatican University.

Video 2 The Sabbath a time for service.

Video 3 Divine rest for human restlessness.

Video 4 From Sabbath (7th day) to Sunday - how it came about

Video 5 The 7th Day Sabbath under crossfire.

Video 6 How the 7th day Sabbath is being attacked today.


The Sam Hackenberger videos (links shown below) are all DIVX formatted, so you will need to download the free DIVX player if you do not already have it. It may be necessary to play the DIVX videos from the Firefox browser because the player for DIVX does not always work with Internet Explorer from Microsoft.