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Business Card Print Instructions

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Business Card Print Instructions

We here at 666man.net have created a 2 inch X 3-1/2 inch business card that can be printed out on 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch business card stock that can be purchased at low cost at most business or computer supply stores.  The author purchased such stock for about $5.00 USD and obtained 250 business cards that can be printed on the home printer.

This card may be given to friends or others when talking to them about our web site, and can even be given out to strangers!  Really.  It works!  The author recently had an experience where he handed a 666man.net card to a store clerk after telling him about the web site.  Moments later, after leaving that area of the store, the author was surprised when one of the managers chased him down and asked for one of those cards too!  The author had no idea this individual was listening (he was unseen by the author), but quickly found he was very interested.  So, the author decided that others might find this of use also.

Carry these cards in your wallet, purse, or pocket to keep it handy.  You never know when someone will be interested!  And with this card, you don't have to fumble around for a pen or pencil and paper to share the web address with another person.  Just reach into your pocket, wallet, or purse, pull out the attractive card, and it can do the rest for you.

One very important but simple request.  Don't leave this card in places of business without permission of the owner as it will anger them if you don't ask first.  So, please, give them to people who want them and maybe even strangers, but don't leave them anywhere without permission.

Please understand that if you download this card, you agree to be responsible for any legal problems that you create by passing them out (for example, if you stop traffic to do this and get a ticket, you're stuck for the ticket - not us).  We provide this as a service to you, the end user of this web site for your convenience in spreading the message, but we cannot be responsible for anything that might happen as a result of your activity.  Just so this this understood....If you don't agree to this, don't download the card. 

There are two options to print the card.

Print Option 1

To download the card, click here.  It is an image that is a 1.1 megabyte download, so if you have a dialup modem, it will take a few minutes.  Save the file that is downloaded to disk or the desktop.

This card is ready to print through the Avery Dennison DesignPro Limited Media Program.  All you have to do is download the program, available at the Avery company website, http://www.Avery.com, and use it to print the card.  This is a free program for your use (as of April, 2004).  Warning: as of March of 2005, the author has discovered that Avery Dennison has greatly improved their program and it is now a 52 megabyte download. It will definitely do more for you but if you have a slow dial-up connection, you might want to consider the second option below. The download will take a few minutes, but this program has a number of useful functions beyond simply printing business cards for our web site.  You can use their program to create other business cards for your own business, and it will print CD or DVD labels.  After you have downloaded the Avery DesignPro Limited Media Program, find it on your disk and then double click on the downloaded file to install it.  Once installed, the program is ready to begin working for you.

To print the card, do the following steps:
  • start the Avery program
  • open the file downloaded from our site with the business card. 
  • In the File Menu at the top left of the screen, select Print. 
  • Then, select the printer you wish to use
  • select the option "All" under "Selection"
  • select "Sheets" and number of sheets you want to print under "Number of Copies"
  • Then press OK.  It should print one or more sheets of labels

You may change the card, if you wish, through the Avery program and create an even better one.  If you do that and find one that is extra attractive or effective, please send it to us and we will consider making it available for others to use.

We hope this is helpful to you in your efforts to spread the message of this web site.


Print Option 2

The second print option is to download an already prepared page that can simply be printed out on your printer. It has 2 columns of 5 images of the card specifically designed to fit the 2 inch x 3 1/2 inch cards that come as part of 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch card stock paper. It is an image file that you save to disc and then open with any image management program you have and use the print option of the image management program to print it out on your printer. The images are not the highest quality but should work just fine. We will try to improve the image quality in the future as we have time.

The download should come as an image in a new browser window. Simply place your mouse over the image, right click, and click on "Save Picture As". Then select a folder to save the image to save it. Then open your image viewer program, find the image file you just saved on disc, and print the image on the business cards.

Note that when you right click on an image in Windows XP, you will see an option to "Print Picture". Do not use this option because it will print the images far too large to be of use for the card. Instead, save the picture and use an image viewer or management program to print the sheet onto the business card stock. You will be far happier with the result.

If you don't happen to have an image viewer or management program, then may I suggest that you use the viewer called IrfanView, available at: http://www.irfanview.com? It should work well for what you need. Also, Windows XP has an image viwer called Windows Picture and Fax Viewer that is available by right clicking over the file name and selecting "Open With" and then selecting the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Windows XP also has a Microsoft Photo Editor that can print pictures and is available by right clicking over the file name and selecting "Open With" and then selecting the Microsoft Photo Editor.

Click here to download the 8-1/2 inch X 11 inch image file.